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This project came about when experimenting with JavaScript and building upon my knowledge of the language. I'm a big fan of video games new and old, so naturally it made sense to create a game around this subject. I started by creating the basic logic of a word guessing game experience and then decided to add other features as I went.

The game features two difficulty levels which determine the number of lives a player starts with and also whether or not they receive a clue to help them guess the correct answer, which appears alongside the blanks for the game name. Name The Game has a total of 20 games, with one being randomly selected on each play-through. The player can continue to build on their score streak but will instantly get a score of zero should they run out of lives in either difficulty.

The game has been updated following the initial build to track interaction via keyboard or mouse by tracking the relevant keyboard letter press or mouse input respectively, and is now mobile responsive to allow the game to be accessible on a wide range of devices.

Technology used:
Name The Game Name The Game Name The Game

Name The Game's style is based on one of my favourite consoles from the 1970s called the Atari 2600 which featured wooden style panelling with a grill covering a majority of the machine. The game has been a fun side-project to develop and I feel I have been able to add my own personal flair to the aesthetics.

Name The Game

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